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Informed voting matters.

Preparing you for the upcoming election

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Did you know that voter turnout in the US is less than 59%? 

GradVote is going to change that.

4 Million people turn 18 each year.

Teaching students the value of voting and how to vote will infuse millions of new informed voters into the system.




5 Reasons why people don't vote:

  1. They've never voted before - Afraid

  2. They're intimidated and don't know how

  3. They don't know the issues - Uninformed

  4. They're unmotivated or don't care

  5. Their parents don't vote

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5 Reasons GradVote does it better:

  1. GradVote is a curriculum that drives confidence, information, participation and change.

  2. GradVote prepares NEW voters before they are eligible to vote

  3. GradVote curates relevant, unbiased content that is snackable and easily consumed and taught to NEW voters

  4. GradVote transitions NEW voters into informed, active voters

  5. GradVote creates an easy solution for registration

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When people don't know who to vote for, they leave it blank or don't vote at all.

In the 2016 election, 1.75 million people skipped voting for president on their ballot.


Here are 4 states where undervoting effected the final outcome 

ME 2016 election


AZ 2016 election


Win margin 22,142 votes

23,965 Undervoted

3 Electoral Votes - Clinton

1 Electoral Vote - Trump

Win margin 91,234 votes

88,332 Undervoted

11 Electoral Votes - Trump

FL 2016 election


Win margin 112,911 votes

160,450 Undervoted

29 Electoral Votes - Trump

MI 2016 election


Win margin 10,704 votes

75,335 Undervoted

16 Electoral Votes - Trump

270 Electoral votes are needed to win the presidential election.  In 2016, Donald Trump (R) won 304 to 227.

In School Curriculum


GradVote supplies a FREE and non-partisan curriculum to American high schools, prisons, and citizenship courses. Our goal is to prepare students to vote by teaching them how to identify values that are important to them as well as how to research candidate platforms. The GradVote curriculum guides students through analytical thinking and social awareness and then teaches them how to execute a proper ballot.

GradVote App


The GradVote App allows students and users to practice, research, mock vote and register to vote in the app.  The GradVote app offers links, videos and non-partisan sourced material to help voters make informed decisions come election time. It also provides push notifications to alert users about upcoming elections, registration dates and updated polling locations in their area.

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Candidate Research


GradVote partners with non-partisan organizations to provide unbiased candidate and issue information.  GradVote's goal is to create and promote INFORMED voting. We collect federally supplied candidate information as well as utilize reputable non-partisan organizations' research to curate robust information for users to read, process and consider when heading to their polling location.

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