2020 Presidential Candidates

Donald Trump Republican Candidate

45th President of the United States


Incumbent - Republican

Platform focuses on America First: Make America Great Again (MAGA)

  • Lower individual and corporate taxes, cut regulation, end trade deficit

  • Restricting immigration and building a wall on the Mexican border

  • Undo Obamacare, cut drug costs, reform Medicaid

  • Limit access to abortion

  • Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, boost fossil fuel development

  • www.donaldjtrump.com for more info.

Image from https://www.donaldjtrump.com/about/

Joe Biden Democratic Candidate

Former Vice President of the USA


Democratic Candidate​

Platform priority is “Our best days still lie ahead. We choose hope over fear. Science over fiction. Truth over lies. And unity over division. We treat each other with dignity, we leave nobody behind, and we give hate no safe harbor.”

  • Opposes Medicare For All, but supports a healthcare plan that builds on Obamacare (ACA) and includes an expansion of the public option and allows for international drug imports.

  • Supports the Paris Climate Accords, has not endorsed the Green New Deal.

  • Supports abortion rights and federal funding for abortions.

  • Supports universal kindergarten/Pre-K and 2 years of community college tuition-free.

  • Biden wants stronger gun control including universal background checks.

  • Voted for NAFTA and rejects inviting Russia back into the Group of 7.

  • Supports boosting tax relief for the middle class, including the Child Tax Credit and taxing the wealthy.

  • www.joebiden.com for more info.

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Former 2020 Presidential Candidates

US Senator, Colorado


Democratic Candidate

Platform priority is “Building Opportunity Together” and to restore integrity to our government with ambitious solutions to our country’s greatest challenges.

  • Does not support Medicare For All, but instead a variation called Medicare-X, which is a public option program allowing for private healthcare or Medicare enrollment (similar to Medicare For All who want it).

  • Co-sponsor of the original DREAM act and Equality Act.

  • Co-sponsor of the Green New Deal and tax credits for families investing in solar and wind energy.

  • Supports abortion rights.

  • Rebuild middle class - Expand the Child Tax Credit, raise minimum wage.

  • www.Michaelbennet.com for more info.


Image from https://www.bennet.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/about

Former Mayor of New York City


Democratic Candidate

Platform priority is “Strong Leadership drives big results.” He will continue putting progress ahead of partisanship and will unite the country around a bold and achievable agenda.

  • Reducing Gun Violence – Supports universal background checks, ban on assault weapons – does not support mandatory assault weapon buy-back.

  • Healthcare access – does not support Medicare For All, instead “Medicare for all people that are uncovered”.

  • Climate Change – pledged $500M to eradicate coal-fired power plants by 2030 to move the country toward renewable energy.

  • Supports abortion rights.

  • www.Mikebloomberg.com for more info.

Image from https://twitter.com/mikebloomberg

New Jersey Senator


Democratic Candidate

Platform focuses on unifying the country. 

  • Social justice and humanitarian equality

  • Ending Prison Privatization

  • Supports New Green Deal and Environmental advocacy

Image from https://corybooker.com/

Mayor of  New York, New York


Democratic Candidate

Platform focuses on Universal Healthcare for everyone

  • Supports the Green New Deal

  • Pro-Choice

  • Advocate for the redistribution of wealth

  • Common sense gun safety legislation

Image from Mike Segar/Reuters c/o National Review

Governor of Montana


Democratic Candidate

Platform focuses on tackling dark money in politics

  • Early childhood education

  • Righting economic inequality

  • Does NOT support the Green New Deal

  • Advocate for Dreamers​

Image from https://ballotpedia.org/Steve_Bullock

Mayor of  South Bend, IN


Democratic Candidate

Platform position is “It’s time for a new generation of leadership. We can win by charting a bold new course, turning the page, and giving Americans hope that we will guide the country to a better place.”

  • Supports Medicare For All (who want it), which allows for a private insurance option.

  • Supports DACA, which protects young people that came to the US illegally as children.

  • Supports the Paris Climate Accord and wants the US to be carbon neutral by 2050, proposes $1.5T in climate policies.

  • Supports abortion rights and public funding for abortions.

  • Supports LGBTQ rights.

  • Supports tuition-free public college for students from low-income families.

  • Supports universal background checks, banning assault rifles and stricter gun licensing systems.

  • Critical of NAFTA.

  • Supports a wealth tax and expanding the earned income tax credit.

  • Supports eliminating the electoral college in favor of the popular vote.

  • Supports raising the minimum wage to $15.

  • www.peteforamerica.com for more info.

Image from https://peteforamerica.com/

Former U.S. Secretary of Urban Housing and Development

Former mayor of San Antonio, Texas

Julian Castro

Democratic Candidate

Platform emphasis on education and healthcare

  • Medicare for All

  • Affordable housing

  • Immigration reform

Image from https://www.julianforthefuture.com/ 

Former Representative of Maryland


Democratic Candidate

Platform: Focus on the Future

  • Globalization and technology

  • Cooperation and bipartisanship

  • Support of Black communities

    • ​Federal grants for HBCU’s

    • Limit federal cash bail

    • Removal of marijuana as Schedule I drug

    • Study of reparations

    • Police reform​

Image from https://ballotpedia.org/John_Delaney 

U.S Representative of Hawai


Democratic Candidate

Tulsi is the first female combat veteran running for POTUS.  She believes in service above self.  “The foundation of her decision-making is around harmony, family, safety and security, freedom and opportunity for all.”

  • Supports Medicare For All.

  • Supports DACA which protects young people that came to the US illegally as children.

  • Wants to transition the US away from fossil fuel sources.

  • Supports abortion rights.

  • Supports free 2-year community college for all, free 4-year tuition at public colleges and universities for families that make up to $125k/yr.

  • Opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and openly criticizes Trump’s China tariffs.

  • Supports taxing the wealthiest US citizens.

  • www.tulsi2020.com for more info.

Image from https://www.tulsi2020.com/ 

Former U.S. Senator from Alaska


Democratic Candidate

Does not seek nomination or election - Wants to appear in debates to “push the field left”

  • Plans to withdraw and support the most progressive Democratic candidate

Image from https://mikegravel.com/photos/

U.S. Senator from New York


Democratic Candidate

Platform focus on social justice and economic crises

  • Women's equality

  • Health and mental care for 9/11 first responders

  • Political transparency

  • Medicare for All

  • Universal paid family leave

Image from https://www.gillibrand.senate.gov/ 

U.S. Senator from California


Democratic Candidate

Platform focuses primarily on economy and tax reform

  • Universal pre-K

  • Debt-free college

  • Medicare for All

  • Tax cut for working- and middle-class families

  • Gun control

  • Addressing racial discrimination 

Image from https://kamalaharris.org/

Former Governor of Colorado


Democratic Candidate

Platform is moderate with focus on environmentalism and social policy

  • Healthcare as a universal right - supports public option

  • Global strategy to combat climate change

  • Supports a national gun license based on eligibility requirements

  • Free community college + Trade/apprenticeship investments

  • Small business tax credits and micro-enterprises

  • Common sense immigration reform

    • Reverse Trump's efforts to prevent refugees from seeking US asylum​


Image from https://www.hickenlooper.com/about/ 

Governor of Washington


Democratic Candidate

Platform primarily based on addressing climate change

  • Climate change as America’s number one priority 

    • Electric cars

    • Wind turbines 

    • Solar energy sources

    • Creating green jobs

Image from https://www.jayinslee.com/meet-jay

U.S. Senator from Minnesota


Democratic Candidate

Klobuchar’s first 100 days as President includes plans to “enact an ambitious, optimistic agenda to improve health care, combat climate change, pursue economic justice and shared prosperity, and build a stronger democracy and safer world.”

  • Does not support Medicare For All, instead a public option that allows for coverage for all without eliminating private insurance options.

  • Supports abortion rights.

  • Supports a path to citizenship for immigrants without a criminal record.

  • Supports re-joining the Paris Climate Accord.

  • Targeting agriculture industry to work as partners to help reduce carbon emissions and water usage.

  • Doesn’t support free tuition, but instead supports reducing debt burdens and access to technical and vocational training.

  • Supports universal background checks, banning assault rifles, “red flag” laws and voluntary buy-back programs.

  • Proposes simplified tax codes, eliminating loopholes and overseas financial holdings.

  • Supports raising the minimum wage to $15/hr.

  • www.amyklobuchar.com for more info.

Image from https://ballotpedia.org/Amy_Klobuchar_presidential_campaign,_2020 

Mayor of Mirimar, Florida


Democratic Candidate

Platform focal points include: 

  • Cancelling  $1.5T of outstanding student loan debts 

  • Curbing gun violence

  • Fighting climate change

  • Rescind Trump's tax cut on corporations

Image from https://www.miramarfl.gov/293/Mayor-Wayne-M-Messam

House of Representatives – Massechusetts


Democratic Candidate

Platform focal points include: foreign policy, national security and defense

  • Strengthening Affordable Care Act

  • Supports Universal Background Checks

  • Backing the Green New Deal to lead to new “green jobs”

Image from https://sethmoulton.com/

Former US Representative of Texas


Democratic Candidate

Platform highlights include:

  • Attention and action taken against climate change

  • Universal healthcare

  • Immigration reform

  • Combating racial discrimination

Image from https://ballotpedia.org/Beto_O%27Rourke

Former Governor, Massechusetts


Democratic Candidate

Patrick is running for President to “deliver meaningful change that lasts — not for the sake of change itself, or in the service of some slogan or passing catchphrase. But to help America keep her foundational commitments, to renew the American Dream, and to put it within reach of everyone everywhere.”

  • Universal, affordable, life-long education platform.

  • Social and physical infrastructure reform.

  • Healthcare policy - “High quality, low-cost health services everywhere and for every single individual, bar none.”

  • Supports border integrity and human dignity.

  • Publicly called for “a future free of fossil fuels.”

  • Supports abortion rights.

  • www.devalpatrick2020.com for more info.

Image from https://www.cfr.org/blog/meet-deval-patrick-democratic-presidential-candidate

U.S. Representative of Ohio


Democratic Candidate

Platform focus on employment and economy

  • Addressing job loss

  • American sourcing of jobs

  • Technological study and employment

Image from https://timryan.house.gov/ 

U.S. Senator of Vermont


Democratic Candidate

Sanders is an Independent, but caucuses with the Democrats.  He is “running for president so that, when we are in the White House, the movement we build together can achieve economic, racial, social and environmental justice for all.”

  • Supports Medicare For All.

  • Co-Sponsored the Green New Deal which transitions the US to 100% clean energy by 2050.

  • Supports abortion rights and federal funding for it.

  • Early supporter of LGBTQ rights.

  • Supports making public college and universities tuition-free and drastically lowering student loan interest rates.

  • Supports banning assault weapons and universal background checks.

  • Opposes Trump’s tariffs on Canada and the EU, but supports China restrictions, although he thinks we need a more comprehensive approach.

  • Opposes Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

  • Wants to drastically decrease defense spending.

  • Strongly favors taxing the wealthy and large corporations.

  • www.berniesanders.com for more info.

Image from https://ballotpedia.org/Bernie_Sanders

Former Governor of South Carolina


Republican Candidate

Platform emphasizes conservative economics and political culture

  • Tighter control of federal deficit and debt ceiling

  • Anti-abortion

  • Re-emphasize humility in the white house

Image from https://www.marksanford.com/  

Former House Representatives, Pennsylvania


Democratic Candidate

Platform focuses on climate change and foreign perception

  • Cut taxes for the middle class, raise corporate tax

Image from https://www.joesestak.com/about/

Founder of Farallon Capital Management


Democratic Candidate

Steyer’s platform priorities are climate justice, structural reform and people over profits.  He is pushing for solutions that reflect the scale of problems and reducing special interests’ influence on Washington’s politics.

  • Climate change is his #1 priority. Pledges to declare climate change a national emergency – re-enter the Paris Climate Accord, pass Green New Deal.

  • Supports Medicare For All that want it.

  • Supports abortion rights.

  • Supports increased gun control.

  • Supports increased taxes on the wealthy and corporations.

  • www.tomsteyer.com for more info.

Image from https://www.tomsteyer.com/about-tom/

U.S. Representative of California


Democratic Candidate

Platform policy proposals include:

  • Gun control and gun law reform

    • Mandatory national ban and buyback of military-grade semiautomatic assault weapons

    • Universal background checks 

  • No-interest federal student loans

  • Investment in curing diseases such as ALS and Alzheimer’s

Image from https://swalwell.house.gov/about/full-biography  

Former Congressman of Illinois


Republican Candidate

Platform based on challenging Donald Trump’s policies and effectiveness

  • Shrink the national debt, leans toward Bush-era tax programs

  • Reduce the size of the government and restrain executive power

  • Increased boarder Security

  • Opposes Obamacare, supports free market system​

  • Firmly anti-abortion

Image from https://www.joewalsh.org/  

U.S. Senator of Massachusetts


Democratic Candidate

Warren’s liberal democratic platform fights for big, structural change presumably with the goal of tilting power toward working people and away from big corporations and the rich, whom she often targets with reform plans.

  • Supports Medicare For All.

  • Supports the Green New Deal, pledged to spend $3T on climate efforts.

  • Supports DACA, which protects young people that came to the US illegally as children.

  • Supports abortion rights.

  • Proposes a sliding scale for student debt relief & free 2-year community college tuition.

  • Co-sponsored a ban on assault weapons and increased gun reform.

  • Wants to renegotiate NAFTA and opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which Trump withdrew the US from in 2019.

  • Opposes Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear deal.

  • Proposes implementing a 2% or 6% wealth tax on the wealthiest US citizens.

  • Supports government funded solution for universal childcare.

  • Supports breaking up big tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

  • www.elizabethwarren.com for more info.

Image from https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/

Former Governor of Massachusetts


Republican Candidate

Weld is a Republican whose platform focuses on creating leadership that is experienced and effective, honest and open, hard-working and dedicated to serving ALL Americans.

  • Supports rejoining the Paris Climate Accords.

  • Supports building upon Obamacare (ACA) system already created.

  • Supports abortion rights.

  • Early supporter of LGBTQ rights.

  • Supports assault weapon bans, bans of gun sales to individuals under 21 and waiting periods for firearm purchases.

  • Opposes Trump’s trade tariffs.

  • Supports increasing tax credits for lower income Americans.

  • www.weld2020.org for more info.

Image from https://www.weld2020.org/  

Author, Lecturer and Activist

Marianne Williamson

Democratic Candidate

Progressive platform focusing on social reform

  • Medicare for All

  • Green New Deal

  • Reparations for slavery

  • Foreign policy reform

    • Focus on peaceful diplomacy rather than war strategy

Image from https://www.marianne2020.com/posts/july-4th-statement-by-marianne-williamson 

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist


Democratic Candidate

Yang is a Democrat whose platform primarily focuses on 3 big policies: A Freedom Dividend, Medicare For All and Human-Centered Capitalism - that maximizes human well-being in the rapidly advancing world of artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Introduce the Freedom Dividend - a universal basic income that gives $1000 per month to every American adult.

  • Supports Medicare For All and expanding access to mental health services.

  • Supports the DREAM act and an 18-year path to citizenship for immigrants without criminal records.

  • Supports abortion rights and affordable contraception.

  • Supports universal early childhood education and free 2-year community college.

  • Proposes a multi-tiered licensing system for firearms and a federal weapons buyback program.

  • Does not oppose China tariffs, but believes they need to be modified.

  • Wants to introduce a 10% tax on big corporations and .1% tax on financial transactions.

  • Proposes creating a Secretary of Technology cabinet position to regulate AI and new technologies.

  • www.yang2020.com for more info.

Image from https://www.yang2020.com/