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Electoral Votes: 9

House of Representatives: 7 Seats

General Election:

November 5, 2019

  • Automatic registration with DMV (including new licenses in 2020)

  • ​Offer online voter registration

  • Ballots mailed 22 days prior to every registered voter. You can mail it in or drop it off.

  • Early voting at service centers occurs 8 days prior to most elections and 14 days prior to the General election (including at least 1 Saturday).

In the state of Colorado...

16 year-olds can pre-register, and will then be automatically registered at 18.


16 and 17 year-olds can work as a clerk at the polls with school and parent permission. This is a paid position which requires training.


17.5 year-olds can vote in the primary election if they will turn 18 before the general election. 


You can register up until 7pm on the day of the election.

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