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Another One Bites The Dust - Hickenlooper Out

The culling of the Democratic candidates running for President has officially begun. With the completion of the 2nd round of debates under their belts, the requirements for candidates wishing to continue their presidential run doubles for the 3rd round of debates in September 2019. Candidates will now need 2% support for their candidacy in 4 qualifying polls (instead of just 1% in 3 polls) and 130,000 individual donors, instead of 65,000.

Increasing the qualifications to participate in the September debates is an organic way to cull the heard of democratic candidates which will allow for a more pointed debated amongst fewer candidates to really understand their values and platform initiatives.

While lofty polling and fundraising requirements helps narrow down the candidate pool, so does cash flow and visibility. Extending presidential campaigns through the summer is an expensive endeavor. Presidential hopefuls are already buying up valuable and expensive media to promote their platforms with the intent to push ahead of other democratic hopefuls. It's only a matter of time until the heard starts turning on one another to get a juicier shot at republican incumbent, President Donald Trump.

With those lofty regulations, however, another candidate has just dropped out of the 2020 presidential race. Welcome to the spectator booth, John Hickenlooper. Hickenlooper is joined by US Representative of California, Eric Swalwell and former US Senator of Alaska, Mike Gravel - who both dropped out after the 1st democratic debate.

Unfortunately for John, he was polling at 0% and decided to bow out on August 15th, 2019. John has worn many hats including former governor of Colorado, mayor, businessman and geologist. However, he was criticized for being too centrist amongst the expansive candidate pool.

His goodbye message was touching - addressing family, staffers and supporters with a sincere message of gratitude. That message was coupled with optimism and hope for a changing future.

Fear not, Hickenlooper fans, his message hinted strongly (wink wink) that he is going to make a run for a US Senate seat. There's no doubt that he will try to pivot the notoriety he gained as a presidential candidate to give Senator Cory Gardner a run for his money.

Coloradans, if you want to continue to support John Hickenlooper in his potential senate run - or at least check out his platform, click here.

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