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Holy Smokes, Yang!

Democratic candidate, Andrew Yang is definitely a progressive candidate that is challenging the fiscally conservative - or even moderate voters. He has made waves with his proposed Freedom Dividend policy, a universal basic income of $100/month, $12,000 a year, for every American adult over the age of 18. And now he is doubling down on his campaign to push conservatives over the edge, Yang just announced that his priority on day 1 as the President of the United States, he would pardon every person imprisoned for low-level, non-violent marijuana offenses! And he would personally high-five them on their way out the door.

Yang indicates that this measure is just one step that he is making toward shifting the equality balance of those incarcerated. In his letter, he states;

"For the sake of equity, justice, and the health of all Americans, marijuana must be legalized federally." 

"If we legalize cannabis, then we'll:

  1. Provide equity for those convicted of marijuana use and possession.

  2. Provide regulation and oversight of the marijuana industry.

  3. Generate revenue and reinvest in communities hardest hit by the failed “war on drugs.”

According to the ACLU, 88% of marijuana arrests between 2001 and 2008 were for simply carrying marijuana. And, black Americans are nearly 4 times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana.

This is a strong stance - even for a democrat - particularly when the democratic candidate pool is still very large. He is definitely adding excitement to the campaign trail and interesting fodder for the upcoming September Democratic debates.

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